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Dirty Soap Subscription Boxes - What are they?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

We live in the now. We see, we want. Why is this? Well technology has made us develop a taste for the instant and we respect that.

Within cosmetic production, patience is critical, we are always working on new designs and products behind the scenes, but should this patience be passed onto our customers? No.

We live in the now, and now you don't even need to worry about the now, we’ve got you. Dirty Soap subscription boxes are monthly boxes that ensure you are never having to wait, or worry about your next bar.

We tend to hear the same story from our customers “Sorry guys, I ran out of soap and had to buy shower gel as I couldn't wait for delivery”... We straight up get it, but it doesn't mean we have to stand for it.

So, how does it work?

When you sign up, you will be able to select two bars of your choice. If you can’t decide we are happy to surprise you each month, because let’s face it; all of our handmade soaps are the bomb. You have the option to cancel whenever you wish, and we’re always a message away if you need to adjust or request which bars you get.

We are here for the people, because each product is handmade by people.

Ease of order, along with trust and reliability are our priorities, but without losing our bad ass attitude. For instance we recently planned to fire bomb a few Lush shops, but we were worried the amount of time out of office would hinder customer orders. RELIABILITY.

If you are unsure if the subscription plan is for you, then just consider this: you run out of soap on THE day of days… date night with that guy or girl, that you just KNOW will be looking to take you the depths of pleasure town. You are desperate, so you end up using some ropey chemical laced shower gel, do you know what this spells? A cold night alone in bed unable to even arouse yourself while watching ‘The Notebook’. Pathetic.

Of course, this isn't the realistic eventuality but, if we didn't put a spin on it you may never experience the greatness of Dirty Soap, for both male and female grooming.

Wait, there’s more!

That’s right, there’s always more.. We also offer Beard Care subscription boxes, allowing you to keep on top of that epic beard game, which if you’ve got a beard, is beyond vital, not just for your look, but for the skin and hair on your face.

Using our famous handmade blend of oils and waxes, we have developed a beard care range that rivals all others and surpasses more than most. Look out for our blog on beard care, in which we will talk about how to use our products, who suits what, and the reason why it is all so vital.

"Dirty soap where the disappointment of one bar of soap ending is out weighed by the excitement of starting another!"

So, what’s the benefit?

Every box is priced to bring you a saving overall, because shit, we aren't millionaires right?

Why should we be paying through the nose for the best products? Just because some greedy hipster prick did some cool label designs and made it look all fancy? Or your barber ordered mass produced products from China and slapped their logo on it? (by the way, most cosmetics made in China legally needs to be tested on animals, not our vibe) Fuck that.

By subscribing you’ll be saving the amount that you would spend on postage on each order, which amounts to nearly £40 a year. That’s a few bottles of wine to seduce the other half….or someone else's other half.

Affordable. As always, for the people. So get your subscription in now, and enjoy the benefits of Dirty Soap along with none of the stress.


Our motto ‘Stay desired, never entitled’ stems from our belief that anyone should be able to walk down the street feeling like a badass member of royalty, never having to add ‘buy Dirty Soap’ to their to do list. We are all living for the now, so get out and live, but do it while smelling like a King, or a Queen, or someone who has recently had a hand in falling trees while looking like a glistening God.

After all, smell is one of the most powerful inhibitors or perception of one another, along with being the primary sensory function for attraction. All we are saying is, think about it.

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