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Beard Care - Why?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Somethings in life don’t die, like The Queen, or dad jokes… Unfortunately hair follicles and skin cells aren't part of that. We tend to assume that facial hair is something that doesn’t need the care that we would give other parts of our body. This is obviously not true.

If you knew the amount of dead cells, dirt and even fecal matter (this is on you, not us, don’t fight science) that is contained within the fuzzy face seat men are now sporting more than ever, you would be scrubbing it daily. So how do you do this? Shampoo? Yeah sure, but we know that many shampoo brands aren’t natural, aren’t caring and tend to be loaded with chemicals that will leave your facial hair dried out and tired, along with depleting the oils needed for the skin to ensure a healthy balance.

How can we get around this we hear you say? Well first of all, listen to The Dirty Gang. We have created a Beard Shampoo bar that is handmade, using simple ingredients and with the care and consideration needed when it comes to supporting male grooming.

So, what problems can you encounter with your beard?

Well to start with, we have the issue of ingrown hairs… You know the feeling right? Sore, itchy and can sometimes result in scratching that will lead to an inflamed rash in the area. So how can this be prevented? Hydration at the base of the hair is crucial in keeping the skin from inflammation, obviously going full Peter Andre and showering under a waterfall while somehow managing to seduce the entire generation of a population is favorable, but not really feasible for the modern, everyday man. Throughout the natural cosmetic industry, Coconut Oil is used as a great way to not only help moisturise the hair but just as importantly, the skin beneath the beard. Dirty Soap has a bad ass handmade range of Beard Balms and Beard Oils that will help aid your skin with every day hydration. That got us thinking; why not include this benefit during your cleansing process too? Usually other brands don’t offer this, or are priced so highly you’d expect at least an over the jeans rub and tug to justify the cost. As always, Dirty Soap are here to help. We use only simple ingredients that are well thought out, well tested and well, fucking awesome. The fact that each bar is handmade shows the dedication for our customers that we exercise in every product.

Why should you wash your beard regularly?

As we have alluded to, your beard is more than likely crawling with filth, and not the kind of filth we like. A recent study through Twitter showed that 43% of men with beards dont clean them regularly, this means that the majority have good facial hair health, but only just. The fact you’re on our site, and you’re reading our blog, we assume you clean your beard, but there’s a 43% chance that you don’t. If you are part of the minority, you could be housing a whole host of bacteria, from rotting food waste, to actual shit which has been likened to the level of bacteria on a public toilet seat. Your beard should be inviting for people to want to sit on, but not for the fact that it's basically a toilet. Why on earth would you stand for this? We can tell you now, no one is going to want to get close to a beard full of bacteria. So encourage those around you to want to touch, caress, perform sex acts on and most importantly, LOVE your beard like you do, because if someone doesnt want to go 10 toes deep on your face, whats the fucking point?

"Dirty soap where the disappointment of one bar of soap ending is out weighed by the excitement of starting another!"


The use of Dirty Soap’s handmade Beard Shampoo Bar will not only aid in cleanliness, and the health of the skin below the beard but will also help with the conditioning of the hair itself.

Facial hair is much stiffer than the hair from around the rest of your body, this is because the follicle size of the facial hair is around 4 times thicker than those from your scalp. So what does this mean? It means the scalp can transition oils easier. The effects of moisturising oils like Argan or Coconut Oil can be crucial in the upkeep of facial hair maintenance.

Never fear, Dirty Soap has researched, tested and created a full beard range that will keep your beard in the best condition possible. No gimmicks, no bulking of products with cheap ingredients and always handmade, with badass care.

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